Tastinations is a hotel & travel blog about the best places to stay in Europe and in the world: luxury and boutique hotels, cosy guesthouses, stylish B&B, romantic getaways and best restaurant suggestions. 

My name is Anna, I'm 30 and based in Central Europe, and I love unique hotel experiences; the smells, the textures, the light, the views... Places that make a hotel stay an unforgettable hotel stay! :)

I think the world is wonderful. I enjoy capturing it in my photographs and sharing what I saw with my readers. I look for secret places, hidden getaways, unusual and breathtakingly beautiful spots for relaxation and enjoyment. 

I am a food traveller. I may drive for five hours just to eat at the restaurant. :) I look for the best food. It can be a food truck or a Michelin star restaurant, it doesn't matter. Authentic food is what really matters!

Welcome to my blogI hope you'll find here a great deal of inspiration for your next holidays or weekend getaway. 

Enjoy and please do let me know what you think, share your experiences and suggestions and let's stay in touch! You can follow me here on Instagram, on Facebook and on Bloglovin'. :)

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