9 August 2015

Things to do in Cracow: Picnic in Dolina Bolechowicka

For those who think they have seen everything in Cracow, or those who simply want to relax away from the hustle of a big city, there's an oasis that very few tourists know about a perfect getaway just a 25 minute drive from the city center.

Dolina Bolechowicka is one of the valleys belonging to the Dolinki Krakowskie landscape park located about 15 km from Cracow, between Karniowice and Bolechowice villages. It's one of the shortest ones (only about 1,5 km) but definitely the most picturesque. Two thirty meter high limestone rocks created during the Jurassic period welcome its visitors in the form of a monumental gate to the valley. An interesting fact is that the most prominent Polish mountain climbers have practiced on them before ascending the Himalayas. (The rocks are available for climbers for free.)

My suggestion: grab your picnic basket, arrive on a warm sunny Sunday before eight in the morning and have a delicious breakfast by the sound of the water from a nearby stream. You will have the bird singing, the sunshine and the park all to yourself. :)

Tip: park your car here.


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