13 July 2015

Where to stay in Stepantsminda: Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

According to the original plan, we were not going to get so close to the Caucasus but after almost accidentally finding this magical place in Kazbegi, we decided to have three days of luxurious rest in the middle of these majestic mountains and skip the seaside city of Batumi altogether (we certainly, even for a single moment, haven't regretted doing so).

Rooms Hotel is located in an inconspicuous little town Stepantsminda (previously called Kazbegi). Driving on the winding mountain roads, nimbly avoiding huge herds of cows and equally huge flocks of sheep, you have an impression that you are heading towards the end of the world and that there is nothing else ahead (but there is  a border with Russia). There is not much to see in the town itself but believe me  you are not going to get bored as you will have one of the most epic views you would ever see in your life right in front of you.

The hotel's design is just exquisite. Guests are surrounded by natural raw wood almost everywhere  the floor, the doors, the fireplaces, the terrace, even the tables in the restaurant (I fell in love with those!). Pieces of furniture in the common area are carefully chosen to create a pleasant ambience in modern style. The views are breathtaking  it was almost difficult to believe that such a place exists in reality. Gigantic five thousand high Mount Kazbek, near to which the Gergeti Trinity church looks like a house from Monopoly, the clouds settling in the valleys, the mighty mountains surrounding the hotel from virtually everywhere, the little towns seen afar and incredible colours of this whole landscape changing over the course of the day... 

What is worth trying at the hotel's restaurant? For sure the pkhali board, or the spinach, garlic and walnut spread decorated with pomegranate seeds (13 lari), Georgian salad with coriander pesto and fragrant tomatoes (9 lari), mtsvadi  grillied pieces of marinated pork (13 lari), seasoned Kakhetian steak (25 lari), aromatic ajapsandali, or Georgian eggplant stew (12 lari), tomato cream soup (9 lari) and trout with walnut pesto (17 lari). The hotel spoils its guests also with a fantastic breakfast just like in Tbilisi (served till noon!). Although there is no freshly roasted granola, you can taste my favourite spread nadughi (made of cheese and mint) as well as other delicacies presented beautifully and meticulously each morning.

Practical info:
  • from 116 EUR/night
  • in pictures: Executive Room
  • location: about 3 hour-drive away from Tbilisi
  • the staff speaks perfect English
  • à la carte restaurant is available on site with Georgian and European cuisine
  • address: V. Gorgasali Street, 1, Stepantsminda (Kazbegi), Georgia (www)



  1. Beautiful hotel and that location!

  2. One of the best hotels I've stayed at, definitely. Thanks for visiting! :)

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