13 June 2015

Where to stay in Tbilisi: Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

We arrived in Tbilisi early in the morning on a very hot day. The journey was tiring; we almost didn't have any sleep at night because of the late flight. Finally entering our hotel was like a long-awaited salvation. We were in need of a proper rest before even thinking of exploring the capital of Georgia.

Rooms Hotel looked even better in reality than in the photographs on the website. That's probably because you can actually feel all the little details, textures, forms and the light. Too often than not big hotels in big cities feel all the same and somehow empty, or artificial. It's a considerable accomplishment to create a space with over one hundred rooms which would actually feel cozy and welcoming. Rooms Hotel did that. 

Sometimes it's all just about details: the wood under the feet, the soft white sheets, the warm afternoon sunrays entering the room through thick orange curtains vibrating with intense colour... imagine how difficult it was to get out of that bed.

Spending the evening in the hotel's bohemian-chic style lounge felt like being welcomed in our best friend's home. Chill-out music always in the background, subtle lighting, comfortable design armchairs and just perfect (perfect!) Georgian wine. There is also a spacious patio with a bar and very nicely designed restaurant where breakfast buffet is served.

And that was one of the best ones I have ever had at a hotel  freshly roasted granola with Georgian fruits was my favourite part of it, but the choice was incredibly vast, beautifully presented and in high quality. The staff was always super polite but at the same time not distant. On the contrary  friendly, talkative and always smiling. But after all we were in Georgia, known for being one of the most hospitable nations in the world.

Practical info:
  • from 114 EUR/night
  • in pictures: Signature King Room
  • location: center of Tbilisi, 15-20 minute walk from to the old town, close to metro station
  • the staff speaks perfect English
  • à la carte restaurant The Kitchen is available on site (chef: Francesco Manalo)
  • address: 14, Kostava Street, Tbilisi, Georgia (www)


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