27 June 2015

Things to do in Tbilisi: Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Being an organised person, especially as far as travelling and visiting new cities is concerned, I was a bit worried that I was going to Tbilisi without any special, thought-out plan. Thankfully, it is a city that is very easy to get around and its top attractions were simply unveiling themselves along our stay with minimal research made spontaneously on the spot. 

One of them was Tbilisi Botanical Garden, now officially named The National Botanical Garden of Georgia. It is located behind the ancient Narikala Fortress. Taking a look at a plan near the entrance we were amazed at how vast the garden actually was and wondered if one day is even enough to walk through all of those alleys. Having limited time in Tbilisi, we of course didn't explore them all, but the highlight of the stroll was definitely the waterfall. It was so refreshing to sit nearby and breathe some fresh air on that hot afternoon (about 35°C!) that I felt I could literally spend the whole day just sitting there and relaxing! It's worth to do a bit of climbing though and go at least to the arched bridge located over the waterfall from which you can see a spectacular view at Tbilisi and the garden.

The entrance fee to the botanical garden is 1 GEL.
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