1 May 2015

Where to eat in Rome: Baguetteria del Fico

More than seven hundred restaurants in Rome on TripAdvisor, and Baguetteria del Fico was 7th on the list. It seemed like a great spot for having brunch  and I was right!

It's a tiny but cosy place run by very nice people on a street you probably wouldn't find if you haven't been taking notes while reading my blog. :) As the name suggests, it serves baguettes, but not so obvious ones. It's full of amazing Italian delicacies from cured ham, through pastes and olives, to some interesting types of cheese. The menu lists some suggestions, but there's also a possibility of creating your own gourmet sandwich. You can choose from four types of bread, too. What's more, it offers 150 kinds of craft beer from small local and foreign breweries, so it must be a great place for taking a short relaxing afternoon break after exploring the city, with a fantastic quality sandwich in one hand, and some intriguing beer you'd probably never find anywhere else in the other. You shouldn't miss it!

Oh, and my suggestion? A baguette with first quality mozzarella di bufala, raw parma ham, grilled zucchini and eggplant with top quality extra virgin olive oil (€6.50). Delicious!

Baguetteria del Fico
Via Della Fossa, 12
Rome, Italy


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