30 March 2015

Where to stay in the Pieniny National Park: Gromada Biała Woda in Szczawnica

The Pieniny National Park is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. It's definitely one of the most picturesque places in the south of the country and I was very happy to find a guesthouse right on the entrance to Biała Woda (White Water) reserve so that I could connect with nature immediately after leaving my room.

The gorge is very easy to walk or ride a bike so even children or the elderly can enjoy the stroll and marvel at the views around. On the way, there are some benches to sit down and rest and even shepherd's huts where you can try a variety of homemade cheese – from bundz (sheep milk cheese) to oscypek (smoked ewe's milk cheese). The relaxing sound of the stream accompanies you all the way. Just a perfect place to recharge your batteries.

The interiors of the guesthouse Gromada Biała Woda are very simple but sweet, with wooden elements and some traditional furniture. The owners love horses, so you can meet all four of them (Dumka, Pełnia, Piątka i Dobry) both in the garden and on the pictures decorating the corridor. If you want, you can pay a bit more and eat traditional Polish dishes prepared by Mrs. Ela, just make sure you book at least one day in advance. She makes her own preserves such as marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers or compote and uses traditional and regional products to prepare the food. On the day we arrived, the owners were roasting a lamb on an open fire in the small hut near the road so that the passers-by could join the feast too. I guess I don't need to mention that the views from our room were simply stunning – just take a look at the pictures below.


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